Supporting Urban Agriculture

SUA is an urban farm in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans. We work to collectively strengthen local food security and access through sustainable growing and selling practices. 


We will not be doing the SUA CSA Boxes this coming growing season. After 5 years of dishing them out year round it was definately a hard decision. It was quite the journey. We will be focusing on resturants and the neighborhoods needs more this growing season. Much love and gratitude to all those who stcuk with us over the years we cannot express how much it meant to us to get your support. We will let y'all know where to find our produce once we start selling. 


Box Testimonial

Dear SUA - just wanted to thank you for the beautiful box I picked up at Solo Espresso this afternoon. Lauren is a rad and beautiful box host. I'd also like to share how I've already used up every ingredient in the box in less than 3 hours! (Incidentally I run a farm in California and know that one of the challenges is providing uses for the produce you grow to your CSA members.) Most of the food is either going to be eaten during the Commie Swine Taco Social popup on Esplanade and Royal tomorrow or is currently traveling through my gut.

So here it is:

The green beans were immediately blanched and thrown in a jar of spicy/sweet vinegar solution with a generous amount of the mint, chives and basil (also in the box) and some crushed garlic. The tomatoes and peaches were covered in oil and thrown into the oven at 415F to roast for a salsa base. The Kale was stemmed and made into a chiffonade, slathered in olive oil and tossed in sea salt in preparation for a massaged kale salad for dinner tonight (soon to be met with large amounts of tahini and miso and local honey from Claudia Cowden's uptown bee hives). The single pepper is joining a mass of it's own store-bought kin and has been fire-roasted and preserved in oil. The salad greens, I admit, I savagely thrust into my mouth while cooking, with only a rinse. They were delicious. I have no regrets... The rest of the greens (basil, mint, chives) have been ground up along with carrot tops saved from a mirepoix with parmesan, olive oil and garlic to make a killer pesto and the beautiful purple and white wax beans were sauteed with salt and pepper and eaten whole the minute I got them!!

- Love Enosh

Gardening is an exercise in optimism. Sometimes,
it is a triumph of hope over experience.
- Marina Schinz